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Being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder can create suffering that goes far beyond the symptoms of the illness itself. A psychiatric diagnosis can take away a person’s confidence and even her sense of humanity.

In Unlocked, Emily Grossman, who was hospitalized a dozen times with bipolar disorder, and nearly institutionalized in her teens and twenties, shares her own story, and offers you 25 keys to recovery.

She shows you that the challenge of mental illness can actually help you to discover and live your life purpose. In this book, Emily invites you to ask yourself, “What if mental illness is not a crisis but a springboard to my higher self?

Through a series of spiritual lessons, Unlocked will help you to discover strategies such as:

  • Finding an authentic spiritual practice

  • Learning to trust your instincts

  • Developing critical coping skills

  • Pushing through inertia

  • Riding the waves of intense emotions

  • Finding happiness within

  • Developing true compassion for oneself and others

  • And much much more!

By applying the “keys” in this book, you will not only feel better, you will live better.

© 2023 Emily Grossman

Emily Grossman, MA, CPRP

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