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Consulting & Training

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I offer my expertise as a trainer/ consultant in Recovery-Oriented Care and Peer Support. 

Recovery Topics include:

  • Recovery Language

  • DBT from a Lived Experience Perspective

  • Coping Skills to Teach Your Clients

  • Disclosure

  • Building Effective Relationships with clients

  • Person-Centered Care

Peer Training and Consulting Topics Include:

  • Peer Supervision

  • Peer Support 101

  • Self-Care for Peers



"Emily is a warm, supportive and engaging presenter who speaks candidly about her mental health condition.  As the Keynote speaker for our Symposium, Emily's honesty in bringing the mental health discussion to the forefront was incredibly valuable in setting the tone for the personal sharing that occurred throughout the remainder of the Symposium." 

–Rene Forsythe, Director of Professional Development

Lime Connect, Inc

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