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Recovery is a beautiful process where you build a happy, successful life and come out on the other side of your mental health struggles the best version of yourself.  

Have you or a loved one struggled with mental health?  Are you an organization who would like to educate your staff about mental illness, recovery-oriented care, and/or peer support?  Do you need more information about how to get through mental health struggles? If any of this is true, you've come to the right place.


I'm Emily Grossman, and I've endured the ups and downs of a mental illness, and have come to my own place of recovery.  I'd love to help you or your audience learn more about how I found Life Beyond A DiagnosisLet me help you thrive.  




"Emily helped me build a life worth living! After 10 years of suffering from depression, I can honestly say that I now look forward to waking up in the morning. I tried everything from therapy to medication to ECT and nothing worked. Once I started working with Emily, I realized that I could achieve whatever goals I set for myself."

–Former Client

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