Selected Topics

Mental Health Recovery Should Be Expected

This talk will not only explain that recovery from mental illness is possible for everyone regardless of diagnosis– it will explain that it should be expected.  The talk will explain how I recovered– the steps I took, the skills I used, and how I have maintained my recovery for over a decade, through my own life's ups and downs.

Mental Illness: Poison Into Medicine

Mental illness is my greatest blessing.  In this inspirational talk, I will tell you why.  Audiences will learn how to turn negative situations into positive ones not just for themselves but for the betterment of their organization or society at large.

Providing Recovery-Oriented Care

This training is designed for mental health providers.  It talks about how to move from a traditional "medical model" of treatment to a "recovery model," in which clients are taught to live a life in recovery from mental health conditions; a life that is happy, healthy, and independent.  Providers can help their clients to truly become their best selves, and this training will show them how.